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About Us

Our Story

Akshay is a native of Bhuntar and knows the region well. He had a love for motorcycles ever since he can remember. All he needs is an excuse to set out on a motor biking adventure be it by himself, his friends or a group of Motorbikers. Bikerentalsbhuntar is part of his dream to make Moto Adventures more accessible to all motorbike adventure enthusiats. He has personally experienced all the tours on offer and is probably one of the best persons to talk to if you are planning such a trip.

Why choose bike rentals Bhuntar?

Travelling by bike is our aim and passion to offer you a great touring experience by supporting years of relevant specialization. Here is why you must choose us:

Get out on the less discovered roads of Bhuntar. From our research and discovery, there are many hidden gems of Bhuntar people are not aware of. You can explore these hidden gems with us in Bhuntar and enjoy the real beauty of Bhuntar. We make sure of bike rentals at bhuntar to provide you with the best quality riding experience. We build pioneering and unusual routes to provide you with diverse scenery and magnificent ones are interwoven with colourful local Bhuntar tradition. With us, you have time to enjoy your journey and ride the roads that are travelled less and get off the beaten track.

Super organized

You can leave all your worries behind once you are on board with us. We will take everything. Right from first contact, we are happy to help you and are available with useful and valid recommendations to prepare for your adventure.

Our bike riding experts will answer all your doubts. If you are guided tour with bike rentals Bhuntar, we take care of your right from the beginning till the end of your trip. If you wish to extend your stay in Bhuntar, we are there to help you in the best possible way.

Get a lifetime adventure

We offer you the flexibility and freedom to make your adventure if you want, after all that is what adventure bike expedition is all about. You are free to consider your own riding pace in your way and how long to stop. If you don’t want to, then we have already planned the best itinerary for your tour where we help you in the best way. Our road captain will tell you everything in advance so if you have anything in mind we will help you before the start of the day.

Our bike experts are the greatest innate company on the roads of Bhuntar. We believe in offering you the right balance of people skills, hands on motor hands-novel experience, technical eligibility, enthusiastic and approachable way. They are there to solve your issues, aid you with your bike and ensure you get the best from your tour.

Ride is better

It’s not only booking a tour with us. When you come to us at bike rental Bhuntar, you join our community. Sharing your touring experience means having different thoughts, lot of learning and making new friends and our love for motorcycling unites all of it. Get in touch with us for your amazing tour.

Finally, riding brings people together who have different lives. It is its language that breaks down barriers that can be shared where words fail to do so. We have seen that when people ride then find themselves, it’s more than a bike expedition, scenery. It gives them the confidence to face their challenges coming in life and that’s the beauty of Bhuntar.

Wherever you go in the developing era, it is a catalyst for connection with local individuals that can bring a greater knowledge of our planet into your life and enrich it. For bike rentals bhuntar, the impact of their journey has changed their lives. We make sure that we offer you the best bike that you want to ride for your tour as we promise to cater for an exception for an unrivalled riding experience.

Bike Expeditions & Logistics

Every rider is accompanied by our highly skilful and rich experienced motorcycle guides. The motor rider experts are able to take care docs and guide them. We have years of experience leaving you to get on with enjoying the bike and the many wonders Bhuntar has to provide. We understand that in terms of everything right from provision, safety, accommodation, food and many more, our local knowledge helps us to offer you the best motorcycling experience in Bhuntar.

Our tours are well- designed to ride for all capabilities searching to make something extra unique of their conventional two week break. We understand how necessary time is for you, so we don’t skimp on organizational information. Whatever you select, we will take care of all accommodation and transport while you are here and then whisk you back safely to the airport for your home trip. It is simple, right?

Where we are based

In Bhuntar, we run our motorcycle expeditions. We are aware of everything at Bhuntar and have all the minute details so you don’t have to worry when we are there for you to help you in the best possible way. We are well-recognised bike rentals Bhuntar company so you can trust us blindly. We guarantee a ride beyond your dreams at Bhuntar.

Bike ride expeditions

Since 2014 bike rentals Bhuntar has been running guided and premium motorcycle tours in the Himalayan area. We have a variety of bikes for you to choose from. You will get the top-notch bikes at bike rentals bhuntar at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

Adventure Team

Akshay Thakur

Akshay Thakur is what people call a true mountain man. Being a native to the Himalayan region, he understands the place like nobody does.
i rent a bike in bhuntar for bike rentals bhuntar

Surya Thakur

Surya Thakur is the craziest and youngest member of motorbike expeditions. He is a passionate writer, furious rider and the heart of motorbike expeditions

Khushwant Kumar

Mechanic - The Trouble Solver
We have Khushwant Kumar in our team who is our go-to person for all our motorbike repair and servicing needs. While we are travelling the high-mountain terrains, it becomes quite certain that we might face some problems with our motorbikes.

Rahul Thakur

The Fun and Adventurous Guide
You have been planning a lot about it, even researched about it, and talked about it. And, finally, you have made your decision to experience adventurous motorbiking with us.

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