Start Your Adventure In Himalayas



Type: Cruiser Bikes

Brand: Royal Enfield

Model: Classic

Fuel Capacity: 13 L

Displacement: 349.34cc

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Air-Oil Cooled Engine, Spark Ignition, Single Cylinder
Max Power: 19.01 BHP

Max Torque: 27 NM

Number of Seats: 2

₹900– ₹1500/-

Depend On Your Days


The king of all cruisers and Royal Enfields, the RE Classic 350cc, comes in two varieties, i.e., the RE Classic 350 Single Channel and the RE Classic 350 Dual Channel. Like other Royal Enfield models, the Classic 350cc features a classy and straightforward design suitable for all terrains. The sturdy frame and firm suspension are a must-have for all bike-riders traveling to the Great Himalayas. With a superficial maximum power output of 20.07PS and maximum torque of 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm, the bike offers higher stability, better grip, and tire control. The monster has a significantly bulky body, reducing the chances of skid or balance loss during the rides on the rugged terrains.

Not only is it a King for the roads, but the decent design and the royal legacy of the bike make it one of the best photogenic items to be included in your picture memories. You can smoothly ride it through the water bodies as the large wheelbase does it work. Similarly, the broad front seat and the comfortable seat positioning is best suitable for long journeys. With us, you can choose whatever model of the RE Classic 350cc you want, which is offered to you at a very affordable price.

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