Start Your Adventure In Himalayas



Brand: Suzuki

Model: Access 

Fuel Capacity: 5 L

Displacement: 125cc

Engine Type: 4- Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Air Cooled
Max Power: 8.07 PS

Max Torque: 10 NM

Number of Seats: 2

₹600– ₹800/-

Depend On Your Days


If you need a lightweight vehicle to enjoy mountain foothills, a scooty would be your ideal bet. It would be your most budget-friendly option to make a quick ride of local beauties without waiting for cabs or buses. Just book a scooty under 10 mins and start exploring your dream destinations right away. This is a perfect option for ladies, elder people or people having a comfortability with lightweight vehicles.

We also rent out several scooters at affordable prices for those who are always on the go. All our scooters have a firm suspension (mostly telescopic), good brakes, high power and torque, big and wide wheels, and decent ground clearance. All these features are quite essential for any vehicle to perform on the rough and uneven terrains of the Himachal. Scooters are preferred over heavier bikes because of their lightweight chassis and optimum fuel efficiency.

Scooters are also quite practical, given that they come with some storage space where you can store your essentials for your ride through the hills and valleys. The scooters’ rear wheels are loaded when you go uphill, and that is where you will get the maximum traction and braking. This will make your ride way more effortless and enjoyable as you cover distances between Manali, Kasol, and Bhuntar or anywhere nearby.

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