Sach Pass Motorbike Tour

Sach Pass Bike Tour 2023

Region of country

Himachal Pradesh


RE Himalayan 411cc

Riding Days

8 Days


10 Days 09 Nights

Total Distance


Average Daily Distance


About The Destination

Sach pass is one of the most beautiful and unexplored mountain passes in India. This mountain pass is located at an elevation of 14482 feet above sea level and acts as a connecting link between Chamba Valley and Pangi valley in Himachal Pradesh. In recent years Sach pass has garnered a lot of attention from tourists all across the world due to its exclusiveness and dangerous terrain. So if you are faint-hearted and not ready to embrace adventure then this Sach pass motorbike expedition is surely not for you. But if you are adventurous and ready to explore the unexplored then this article is surely for you, and reaching this page is surely your destiny. Sach pass is also regarded as the toughest mountain pass not only in India but also across the globe. This mountain pass has also been featured in History Tv IRT deadliest roads. So you can imagine how tough this mountain pass is. Every year we get number of queries where people ask us that we have already done the dangerous part in the Himalayas by riding through Ladakh and Spiti and now there is nothing to do, then we at motorbike expeditions tell them about the thrilling and adventurous Sach pass motorbike trip which leave them Awestruck as most of the people aren’t aware of this road trip. So if you are planning a trip to Sach pass and need some help then our companies help line number is available 24/7

About The Sach Pass Bike Tour

Sach Pass bike tour takes 8-9 days and usually starts from Delhi, twelve hours of overnight journey from Delhi will drop you in Manali from where the real exploration of Himalayas will begin. Sach pass bike tour is more than a tour its an experience for life. Secluded mountains, lush green landscapes and the sound of the roaring engine is something which will surely make your heart pound widely. So if you are planning a bike tour to the Himalayas and confused with where to and when to then this itinerary is surely for you. We have collated every possible information so that you can plan an impeccable bike tour with our company, motorbike expeditions. These 8-9 days long Sach pass motorbike tour will help you experience every possible aspect of Himalayan touring. The best part of Sach pass bike tour is that it starts from Manali and ends up in Manali, where the returning route is different. The journey follows through famous places like Dharmshala, Dalhousie, Killar, Keylong, and Manali. The route from Manali to Sach and then back to Manali is marked by dense deodar forests, snowcapped peaks, Adrenaline gushing water crossings, offbeat unmetalled roads accompanied with local delicacies and traditional folk dance. From beautiful Manali, we ride into the trans-Himalayan range warming up our riding skills before entering into the region of the world’s best mountain roads. So if you are planning a bike tour to Sach Pass and confused with how to, when to and where to then it’s your lucky day that you have landed on this page. In this Sach Pass bike tour itinerary, we have collated every possible information about Sach Pass bike tour and if you still have any doubt regarding the tour, you can call us 24/7 on our helpline numbers.

Date & Price

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Sach Pass Bike Tour Cost

09 days / 08 nights

   Pricing information

Own Bike ₹40,000 PP
For Single Rider ₹78,000 PP 
Two People in One Bike ₹55,000 PP
*Supplement cost for Single Room = ₹20,000

Group Size:-  Max 10 Bikes Only | Open for  Solo or Groups

Sach Pass Bike Tour date 2023

Multiple Departure Dates from June to Sept.

  1. 16 SEPT 2023 – 25 SEPT 2023 –AVAILABLE

Sach Pass Bike Tour Key Points

Region of countryHimachal Pradesh 
PeriodJune – September
Duration10 Days 9 Nights
Riding Days8 Days
AccommodationHotels, Guest Houses, Camps,
Motorbike Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc
Level of DifficultyAmateur
Max. Altitude Reached4390m
Max. Sleeping Altitude2524m
Average Daily Distance130km
Total Distance2540km
Fitness LevelModerate to Tough


On the first day of your trip, board a Volvo bus to Manali from Delhi/Chandigarh. It will be an overnight journey so make sure that you are well prepared.

On the1st day, one needs to reach Bhuntar either by Volvo bus or by hired cab. At bus stand Bhuntar, you will meet the tour guide of BRB. Our tour guide will take you to the respective hotels, where one can rest for few hours. After taking a small nap our guide will introduce you to your motorbikes. Arrival day in Bhuntar is all about acclimatization to high altitude climate and understanding how the rugged terrian of the Himalayas behave while riding. This day will help you connecting your soul to the bikes which will be your partner for next 10 days. We will cover all the major sightseeing points around Manali on this very day and later in the evening after having dinner, Days come to an end.

  • Accommodation: 3* hotel.
  • Included Meals: Dinner.

After having breakfast we will leave towards the famous hill station Dharmshala in the laps of Dhauladhar ranges. This place is also referred to as the little Lhasa of India, as it is home to the Buddhist Dharma guru Dalai Lama. Inspired by flawless Tibetan architecture and intricate designing this place is home to some of the world’s most beautiful monasteries, located about 6 hours east of Bhuntar. Later by the evening, we will ride towards Mc leodgunj, a place known for its cafe’s and nightlife, which is just at a mere 2km distance from Dharmshala. The journey on this day will be pleasant and beautiful as most of the journey will be on metaled roads and through the countryside villages. In Mc leodgunj, after exploring the nightlife we can check into our hotels and can enjoy the entire city view. These all places are among the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, So just imagine how beautiful your journey is going to be. 

  • Accommodation: Hotel.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On day 4 after having the traditional Pahadi breakfast, we will leave for our next destination Dalhousie. This hill station is named after the Lord Dalhousie the British Governor-general in India from 1848 to 1856. On this day our much of time will be spent on riding northwards toward the inner summits of Himalayas through pastoral landscapes and magical fairy tale villages. The entire journey of 5-6 hours from Dharmshala is breathtaking and will surely become part of your eternal memories. On this very day, we will also cross the famous village of Khajjair, which is also referred to as mini Switzerland of India. This place is so picturesque that one has to rub his or her eyes in order to believe it actually exists. Khajjair also offers adventure sports like Zorbing and paragliding to satisfy one’s adventure bug. We will also explore the small Himalayan town of Dalhousie, which is known for its British architecture and churches dating 200-300 years old. This small town is surrounded by dense deodar trees with a small mall road to walk on. At the end of the day after exploring the town, we will check into our hotels and get together for a bonfire session, where every rider will share his or her memory of the day. You must be thinking about what kind of session is this, but we have been doing this session from the past 3 years in our every tour whether it is Leh Ladakh tour or the famous Spiti tour.

  • Accommodation: Camp Stay.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On day 5 after having breakfast, we will leave towards our next destination Bairagarh. It’s only after Dalhousie one feels the real wrath of Himalayan roads. The offbeat terrain accompanied by freezing cold temperatures will surely give chill in your spines. The 119 km journey from Dalhousie to Bairagarh for Sach pass is a tough terrain journey, So if you are faint of heart or inexperienced then this ride is surely not for you. Unstable overhanging cliffs on one side and immeasurable steep gorge on other is the sight from Dalhousie to Bairagarh. Hence we always urge our fellow travelers to plan Sach Pass only with some proper and experienced touring company if not with us. After 5-6 hours of tiring journey, we will reach this secluded hamlet in the Himalayas called Bairagarh. After reaching Bairagarh one can explore the beautiful village and later check in into the hotel. Later after having dinner, we go for a sleep.

  • Accommodation: Camp Stay.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On 6th day after getting up in the morning and having our breakfast, we will head towards Killar, a countryside village in the laps of Himalayas. This serene village is known for its nomadic life as it is the hub to the old shepherd route connecting Chamba district to Lahaul Spiti district. This 3 hours journey from Bairagarh to Killar is marked by the presence of the world’s most dangerous pass The Sach Pass, situated at an altitude of 14500 feet above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. The ride time from Bairagarh might be short but the experience this 3 hours ride will provide will be enough for life. Clean mountain air with a sense of fear and howling of wild animals, this entire experience will be embarked in your hearts for life, especially when accomplished in the season of monsoons. Another few characteristics of riding from Bairagarh to Killar is the presence of water crossings which will surely make your adrenaline rush to the next level, Sanskari Nala is one of the famous and dangerous water crossing in the region, testing your riding. skills. Later by the evening we reach Killar and check into our hotels as the next day is going to be more enthralling.

  • Accommodation: Hotel.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On the 7th day of the journey after having the traditional shepherd’s breakfast, we will ride out to Kishtwar and will return back by the evening, this 6-7 hours of the journey is not for everyone. If you are visiting Sach pass to explore the toughest and most dangerous riding experience then this is the stretch you want to do. It’s the Killar-Kishtwar-Killar stretch which is referred to as the most dangerous road in the world. Most Himalayan motorcycle experts consider this region in Chamba to be the Mecca of riders and the dead-end of all the dangerous roads in the world. Sach pass region is truly unique and offers a lot of possibilities for both nature lovers and bikers. Riding through snow caves and huge glaciers surrounding the entire road is an experience in itself. Later by the evening, we will return back to Killar for our night stay.

  • Accommodation: Camping.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On the 8th day after having breakfast in the morning, we will head towards the famous town of Lahaul and Spiti named Keylong via Pangi. The Pangi valley is quite serene and is located in the Chamba district, it is a beautiful, unadulterated and calm tribal area or in other words, we can say that it is the perfect place to feel the real Himalayan vibes and culture. Killar to Pangi is about 3 hours by ride, where one can stop for some tea or snacks. The roads will be offbeat and unmetalled making it challenging for both riders and pillions riding from Killar to Keylong. This entire stretch will be surrounded by huge snowcapped mountains with very little vegetation making it look rugged and isolated. After 5-6 hours of riding one finally reaches the famous town of Keylong, known for its hotels, climate, and beauty. This beautiful town will be our stop for the night, we will check into the hotels and will also have a bonfire session to freshen up all our memories of the trip.

  • Accommodation: Hotel.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On the Ninth day of our journey, we will head back towards Bhuntar from Keylong. This 9th-day journey will be pleasant and lovely till Khokasar which is located at a distance of 80km from Keylong. On the way to Khoksar, we will cross Tandi, which is a sacred place for the Hindu religion as it as the Sangam point for river Chandra and Bhaga. We would stop here for a while and see the magnificent convergence of two most sacred rivers. After spending some quality time there we will head toward Khoksar, this little tribal village is known for its famous delicacy called the Meat Chawal. This delicacy will help us rejuvenate our tiring bodies so that we can conquer, The mighty Rohtang pass. The journey from Khoksar to Bhuntar will be the last tough part of our Sach pass motorbike trip. Rohtang pass is a connecting link between Kullu and Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at an elevation of 14000 feet above sea level, this pass is regarded as one of the most beautiful motorable mountain passes in entire India. One is not advised to spend more than 10 minutes on the Rohtang top due to the lack of oxygen. So we would only stop here to click a few pictures. The last highlight of Sach pass Motorbike trip is riding down experience from the Rohtang la. The first view that you are going to witness is the number of waterfalls originating from the glaciers in the Himalayas situated in the midst of large and wide valleys. The entire view will be so breath taking and magnificent that you have to rub your eyes a thousand times to believe that it is actually excists. Lush green meadows and the meandering Beas river with pristine blue color will make you a complete Viragi (A wanderer who travels without reason). Later by the evening, we will reach our final destination Manali, where a small dinner accompanied with a bonfire and local folk dance will be presented to our fellow travelers as a gesture of love. Here we will sing, dance, enjoy our dinks and try to remember the sweet memories that we created during this 10 days bike trip.

  • Accommodation: Hotel.
  • Included Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

On the final day of our trip, we will greet all our fellow riders and bid them farewell along with best wishes for life in the hope of meeting them soon again. The overnight journey of 12 hours will finally drop you in the nation’s capital Delhi, from where one can continue their journey back home. So if you are planning a trip to Sach pass then this itinerary is surely and undoubtedly the best itinerary you can get online. As we have been running tours on the same plan for the past 3-4 years.

This is a standard Sach Pass Bike tour itinerary and can be modified on the request of our fellow travellers if needed. We have covered all the major aspects in this but if you feel like you want to add a place or two you can contact us 24/7

Section 01 : Package without Motorbike

  1. Accommodation in Hotels / Camps / Guest Houses on double/triple sharing.  See the daily itinerary details for more info on each night’s accommodation.
  2. One Motorbike Mechanic 
  3. Environmental & Permit fee
  4. 01 backup vehicle to carry luggage 
  5. First aid box and oxygen cylinder.
  6. Spares parts change in Bike during the tour. –Front tube/Rear tube/Spark plug/Clutch and Brake Wire/Clutch and Disc brake pads/Engine oil/Clutch Plate.
  7. Meals:- Breakfast & Dinner 
  8. Experienced English-speaking road captain

Section 02: Package with Motorbike

  1. Everything that is included in section 01
  2. Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc
  3. Standard size Helmet for rider and pillion rider 
  4. Extra fuel for back up

  1. 5% GST.
  2. Personal expenses like Telephone, Laundry, Tips and Table Drinks etc.
  3. Any type of insurance-Medical, Accidental, theft
  4. Any Airfare / Rail fare other than what in mentioned in “Inclusions”
  5. Airport, Railway station or Bus stop pick up or drop
  6. Cost of any spare part which will be used due to the accidental damage incurred when the motorbike is in rider’s possession.
  7. Cost incurred to transfer or tow the motorbike in case it is dropped on the way (Till our main office).
  8. Vehicle servicing or maintenance cost
  9. Any lunch and other meals not mentioned in package inclusions
  10. Security deposit per motorbike of Rs. 10,000/- ($140). As per the deposit policy (This is refundable at the end of the trip if there is no damage or spare parts used.)
  11. Parking and monument entry fees during sightseeing.
  12. Any cost incurred due to extension, change of itinerary due to natural calamities, road, blocks, vehicle breakdown, union issues and factors beyond our control (to be paid by the client directly on spot)
  13. Anything that is not mentioned in the Inclusion sections
  14. The advisable maximum size of baggage should not exceed 60 liters. Remember that you have to carry the luggage to the backup vehicle and into the accommodation
  15. Riding Gears for rider which can be hired (Knee pads and Elbow guards – Rs. 800/- ($11)for the whole trip)
  16. Consumption of alcohol/drugs and smoking during the bike ride is strictly prohibited
  17. Children are not allowed on bike trips, only people above the age of 18 and holders of proper Driving licenses
  18. Additional accommodation / food cost incurred due to any delay

  • License, Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance
  • Saddle bags/ Magnetic tank bag/ Luggage carrier
  • Comfortable clothes: tracks, raincoats, tee-shirts
  • Jackets and pullovers
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Personal medication
  • Riding Shoes, a pair of slippers for the night, extra pair of socks
  • Sunglasses, caps or hats, sunscreen lotion and insect repellents
  • Personal toiletries
  • Water bottles, backpack with plastic lining, daypack

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.

Booking & payment conditions:

  • A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the tour is required at the time of booking and is made by bank transfer.
  • The full payment (the remaining 50%) has to be done until 2 weeks before the start of the tour.

No Refind

1) 4 – Passport size photographs
2) Original Photo ID (voter card/ passport/PAN card/ Aadhar card)
3) Driving License – Original
4) If bringing your own bike, all documents related to your bike should be submitted along with insurance papers.

Import Notes:
We require a minimum strength of 6 riders to operate one group.

We have the right to cancel the group if we do not get the minimum strength of riders in any group.

If there are any additional expenses due to bad weather or any other reason beyond the control of the tour operator on account of a hotel stay, transportation, and meals, etc. extra bill will be raised.

Neither Motorbike Expeditions Ltd nor the participating partners/hotels will be responsible for the additional expenses.

BRB is not responsible for any change in itinerary due to reasons beyond our control like change in flight and train schedule, cancellation of flights/trains, political disturbances, natural phenomenon, etc.

If any group member wants to leave the group in-between the tour then he/she has to pay the cost for transportation of bike from point of leaving the tour till Main office drop.

Group members would have to get their own riding gear. Wearing a helmet, carrying a valid ID proof &  driving license is mandatory.

All guests will be responsible for the safety and security of their own luggage. We will not be at all responsible for the damage/missing / lost luggage. So carry a small daypack bag to carry all the expensive things with you.
Compensation for any damage/accident done by you during a tour to another property/person would be directly payable by you.

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