Terms and conditions


I agree and know that motorbike riding, both on or off-road, is a hazardous activity that presents risks of death or even injury. I freely and voluntarily assume all risks associated with those activities.
I agree that my general health is good and there is nothing that renders me unfit to drive a motorbike. 
I shall not drive under influences of alcohol or any other mood-altering substance.
In case of any issue with to motorbike, it can be repaired by us up to 5 Kms. Without any charge. Any problem that occurs after that they will have to pay for repairing it.
That I will be responsible for any damages done to the motorbike during the duration for which I have rented the motorbike and will bear the cost of repairs/ replacements due to the damages one.
The bike should be returned to our office/ workshop by 7 PM. I agree to pay the charges of rupees 500 per hour after that.
If I leave the motorbike in any other place, I shall pay for the transportation of the bike to the office/workshop.
That it is compulsory to wear HELMET both to rider and pillion rider while driving the motorbike.
No insurance claim will be given by motorbike rentals will be paid by the rider own.
We have different rates for Spiti, Leh, Sach Pass, Local sightseeing etc we should know about the place you are going otherwise charges would be doubled.
If you hire the motorbike for 2 days or more and in between problem occurs (roadblocks, landslides) etc Then we are not responsible for it and you will have to pay all these days.
The applicant will be responsible for any damage to clutch plates and types.
Check the motorbike engine and engine oil every day.
Bike rentals Bhuntar/officials/ Representative reserve the right to take over the Motorbike without any refund if I don’t abide by the terms and conditions.

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