Rs. 1200 – 1500/-

Depend On Your Days

If you are a fan of pure motorcycling experience, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc will surely meet your needs.  As the philosophy of Royal Enfield goes- simple design and resilient build, the Bullet 500cc is an encapsulation of that very belief. The Bullet is a living legacy on two wheels and is a perfect companion for your trip to Kasol or Manali. The vintage yet authentic styling of the motorcycle is sure to complement the greenery of the hills and appears quite photogenic.

The 500cc motor is quite suitable for long, arduous rides. The Bullet’s seating positions are also quite significant on the hilly terrains and is sure to take you a long way. The lockable side boxes are always equipped with air filters, fuses, relays, and a tool kit if you ever have to fix it up on your own. The spring solo seat is also quite comfortable if you wish to tag along with a partner on your motorcycle expedition. Made primary for relaxed adventures, cross-country shenanigans, the bullet is an excellent looker from all possible angles. The maximum power of the Bullet 500 is 27.2BPH, while the Torque stands at 41.3 NM@4000 rpm. You will enjoy a smooth ride on hilly terrains with cool mountain breezes in between.