Start Your Adventure In Himalayas



Type: Adventure, Sport

Brand: Hero

Model: Xpulse

Fuel Capacity: 13 L

Displacement: 200cc

Engine Type: Oil cooled, 4 Stroke 2 Valve Single cylinder OHC
Max Power: 17.08 BHP

Max Torque: 16.45NM

Number of Seats: 2

₹1000 – 1400/-


The Hero Xpluse 200cc features a highly-advanced engine with a sturdy body, making it the best choice for the Himalayas’ rugged terrains. It’s lightweight not only makes it easy on the hands but also a better fitting bike for the off-roads. The large wheel baseline gives a better grip on the road, making it best suitable for the sudden twists and turns. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, the bike comes with a firm 190mm front suspension and 220mm ground clearance. You need not worry about sudden potholes or the several bumps that may come across your way during the ride. Similarly, the bike also ensures a cakewalk experience on the tarmac and loose dirt with its better grip.

One of our most preferred bike models for the Great Himalayas Tour, the bike is a boon for the rider and the pillion rider. It comes with a substantial 823mm seat height with enough space for the back rider. Thus, you can enjoy long journeys without worrying about sleepless nights due to severe body pain. Furthermore, the beast is also loaded with an up-swept exhaust, making it effortless to pass through water bodies without the risk of skidding or engine stoppage. You can choose from our various budget-friendly packages specially designed for a fun and safe experience.

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