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How to Avail Bike Rental Services in Bhuntar

If you are traveling to the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh to beat the heat, then we suggest you make a bike trip to see all the famous tourist destinations.

Along with the great view of glaciers and icy peaks, you get to enjoy the fresh air on a bike ride. Visit places like Shimla, Manali, Kullu-Manali, Dalhousie, Palampur, and Khajjiar. The rugged mountains offer a rollercoaster ride filled with adventure and hospitality of the local people.

The picturesque sceneries of Himachal and the hidden treasures beyond them are fun to explore on a bike ride with a group of camping friends.

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For fun exploration

There are many cycling and motorbike trails filled with intriguing secrets that will wake up the little adventurer in you. Instead of going on a tourist bus to places which are often visited, there is a lot of joy in exploring the nooks and corners of the small habitats.

One can start with plain cycling trails on even roads of Kasauli and think later about crossing some of the highest and deadliest Kinnaur trails. If you are wondering how to get your hands on bikes, there are many bike rental services in Bhuntar which provide you the vehicles as per your requirement.

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How to rent a bike – Bike rentals Bhuntar

The town of Bhuntar falls under Kullu district and it is considered as a getaway for towns like Kullu, Kasol, Manali and, Manikaran. It is not an overly famous tourist spot but is a good destination to relax and unwind before gearing up for a new journey. The serenity of the town is perfect for camping and to wander around the temples which have old charm.

You may be wondering how to rent a bike if you are planning for a first road trip. All the holiday destinations have local bike rental services and it is up to you to choose which one as long as the vehicle you pick is in a good running condition.

Please beaware of other fraud Rentals Companies who are trying to use our name and misguide our clients.

Do not trust dealers that are money greedy as they can hook you up with old vehicles which are more of a pain than comfort during the journey. Bargain the cost of bike rentals for short destinations and long road trips to see if the dealer is genuine in the pricing.

Road trips on the bike are not always an adventure trip but for some, it can mean a trip to self-discovery. Be prepared for the challenges that come on the bike trip and carry basic essentials for camping in case you get stranded due to unexpected climate changes. Kasol is aptly named as mini Israel with is breathtaking scenery and beautiful hamlets near the valley.

Bhuntar is an ideal location to start your journey if you want to visit Manikaran, Kasol or other nearby places.

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Tips For Bike Rentals In Bhuntar

Check the condition of the vehicle before taking it for rental and make sure that you have required a driving license and other important documents needed to travel on a bike. Make sure to ask your rental service provider for an extra carrier to secure your luggage. Check the vehicle maintenance before it breaks down and spoils your amazing road trip.

If you are planning for Leh-Ladakh trips or any of the famous valleys, it is advisable to book a bike in advance as they the possibility of running out of vehicles is real during the peak season.

Check A Bike For Rent

The most common concern would be if it is okay to rent a bike without seeing it. Yes, it is if you are familiar with the bike rentals or if a previous traveler recommended the bike rental service to you.

It is advisable to ask for bike pictures before booking and also take pictures before you actually go on the trip to reduce the risk of getting cheated for damages.

It is not bad to bargain a bit and asks for helmets and gloves as needed for the trip. Be clear on the deposit money and actual bike charges and always ask for a bill.

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